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   Hebei Longda Irrigation Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995, the company registered capital of 14.99 million yuan. Drip and micro sprinkler irrigation is mainly engaged in product research and development and production. Lines respectively from Germany, Switzerland, the United States, Israel and other four countries imported whole production process is computer controlled, automated assembly line, annual output of Irrigation Tube 54 million meters. The company has been designated as the national semi-arid agricultural engineering research centers designated factory, high-tech enterprise of Hebei Province, Hengshui City, the top ten foreign-funded enterprises. ISO9001 standard quality management system certification of enterprises, the company was named for eight consecutive years the contract and trustworthy enterprise.
   The company's micro-irrigation products, full range, from as series, supporting strong, the main products are:
1, the introduction of Israeli technology to produce the embedded LEGO maze Irrigation Tube (diameter 16mm, 12mm flow 1.5L/h-4L/h), and refractive micro rotary nozzle;
2, the first automatic control system and all kinds of types of solenoid valves;
3, series of quick access of plastic pipe fittings;
4,1 to 6 "filter series products;
5,10 l -150 l fertilizer tanks;
6, Φ32-Φ40 Series uptake device;
7 The product is anti-aging PVC, PE pipe and fittings.
  The company introduced the Israeli LEGO company built labyrinth Irrigation Tube fabrication technique Irrigation Tube, performance, advanced level home nineties. Product features are as follows:
1, dripping homogeneous. Irrigation Tube laying lengths up to 200 meters.
2, Irrigation Tube clogging.
3, long service life. Anti-aging life of 10 years.
4, emitter close bond with the wall. During the construction process of laying pipe or moving, emitter will not damage or loss.
5, emitter spacing arbitrarily set according to user needs.
  Since its production began, Premier Wen Jiabao, Governor Niu Maosheng, former provincial secretary of the Ye Liansong has successively to the company inspection, the performance of the company's products fully affirmed. Company has been listed as key investment projects. Northwest is that we grasp the development opportunities, the implementation of "western development, I develop" strategy, the establishment of an office in Urumqi, so that the company's sales network in the west have been consolidated.
  Our products are widely used in fruit trees, greenhouses, cotton, tobacco, tea and urban landscape irrigation and other fields, and can be widely used in mining dust, poultry (cooling effect) and the mountain hills reconstruction works. Products are sold to all provinces except Tibet, the use of our products users have made remarkable economic and water-saving effect.
  Products at reasonable prices, according to user needs training, engineering design, equipment installation, technical guidance and after-sales service. We welcome all guests to visit and negotiate business!

Address: South Road, Wuyi County, Hebei Province 61   Tel :+86-0318-5715956 Fax :+86-0318-5715756  Technical support: Hengshui lianyu Network